No Rez 24” x 27” (4 pack)


Need more than a couple sheets of No Rez? Not a problem, buy in bulk with a 4 pack! No Rez is a damping material developed specifically for loudspeaker applications to dampen and eliminate enclosure resonances.

For best adhesion, No Rez requires a smooth, clean mounting surface.
For textured surfaces, you may need to use some additional spray adhesive.

See second picture for recommended placement locations within a speaker cabinet.


No Rez is a damping material developed specifically for loudspeaker applications for damping and eliminating enclosure resonances.

With nearly all loudspeakers there are areas of the enclosure that will resonant while playing. Many speakers allow large unbraced panel areas to be greatly excited and create resonances that are easily heard. Some loudspeakers are well braced and are even made from thicker than average material to minimize resonances, yet enclosure resonances can and will exist.

No Rez is designed to greatly attenuate such resonances using a thick layer of damping material that is treated with PSA.

The heavy damping layer of No Rez not only adds mass to the enclosure but it is comprised of a non-resonant material that effectively kills the resonance and greatly quietens the enclosure so that you hear the music and not the box.

The second layer of No Rez is a 1" thick layer of open cell foam, with a textured surface, designed to absorb standing waves and internal reflections in the enclosure.

Many other products used in this application often suspend a barrier layer sandwiched between foam layers. This can have some isolation benefit, but does little to control enclosure resonances.

This isolation layer is typically used in noise control pads to keep sound, in some frequency ranges, from passing from one side of the barrier to the other. This type of material is typically used in industrial applications to reduce sound produced by noisy machinery. This can have an adverse effect in some loudspeaker designs if used with a heavy coverage as the suspended layer can mass load the woofer to some extent. This can cause a muddiness to the mid-range.

Some material sold for use in loudspeakers incorporate this sound barrier layer with no damper at all. So it has little to no effectiveness in resonance control, and it adds the adverse effect caused from mass loading of the woofer. While some of these barrier pads may cost very little, using it in a loudspeaker can often be of very little value other than its effectiveness to absorb internal standing waves with its open cell foam layers. If it has no damping layer then it will not be effective for resonance control.

So mass load your enclosure, not your woofers, and don't settle for less. Get No Rez. It's real resonance control.

No Rez can be cut with box cutting knifes into small pieces allowing it to be installed in even hard to reach places. It also cuts like butter on a table saw. The peel and stick backing also makes installation very easy. Just be sure that you have it where you want it when you press it against an enclosure wall. It sticks well and does not fall off.

No Rez sheets are 24" by 27".

Quantity discounts on 10, 50, and 100 pieces.

Additional information

Weight 24 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 24 × 4 in


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