X-SLS Encore Tower (Pair)


The price is per pair.

Notice: We are currently out of stock on the Sonicap used in the bass circuit, and until stock returns we will swap that cap for a polycap+bypass and have temporarily reduced the cost of the Sonicap upgrade accordingly.

We are now offering this speaker finished in black Duratex.

We’re pleased to offer out X-LS in it’s tower version, the X-SLS, as a fully assembled and ready to play speaker!
Finished pair in hardwood veneer of your choice, and with a point to point wired crossover, these cabinets are fully assembled right here in north Texas. The cabinets come lined with NoRez installed. These speakers are made on demand and to your upgrade specifications. If you are interested in a custom veneer job, please send us an email to:

SLS Tower dimensions:
Width: 8.5″ (216mm)
Height: 37″ (940mm)
Depth: 12″ (305mm)

Frequency Range: 45Hz to 20Khz
Sensitivity: 87dB

All finished speakers are made to order, expect up to 3-5 weeks for assembly.
Custom order refund policy

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The X-LS Encore came about as a direct result of the success of the X-LS Classic design. As the X-LS Classic was setting new performance standards for a mini-monitor in a budget price point, and winning industry awards with every review. It was also rivaling and bettering many speakers in much higher price points. So AV123 (the company producing the X-LS Classic) asked the questions, how far could the performance of this speaker go if the production budget were increased? What would need to be done to it for it to compete with any mini-monitor design regardless of price?

The strength of the X-LS Classic was its woofer. The M-165 woofer had a very smooth and accurate response that needed very few components in the signal path to control it. And it had a beautiful mid-range and clean bass response. The crossover parts used were also very good. The tweeter, while very good, was not one of the worlds best dome tweeters. So an obvious choice was to upgrade the tweeter. Looking at the best available dome tweeters, the Peerless T26SG was selected for its low Fs, high sensitivity, well damped rear chamber, high quality materials, high quality workmanship, and a really smooth response. Resolution levels with this tweeter are very high as well, and one of the best the industry has to offer in this regard.

As designed the X-LS Encore speakers began beating up the competition. It was also an ideal platform for additional modifications and tweaks. An X-LS Encore with point to point wired crossovers using all Sonicaps, Mills resistors, foil inductors and lined with No Rez won the StereoMojo small speaker shoot out in 2007.

The X-LS Encore (like the Classic version) is an 8 ohm load and has 87db sensitivity. The -3db down point is 55Hz. The low 1.8kHz crossover point allows for a great driver integration and consistent phase relationship of the drivers over a wide vertical range. The vertical and horizontal off axis is excellent so the in room response is very smooth and consistent.

The X-LS Encore was also released as a small floor standing speaker with an optimal ported air space. This version was tuned lower allowing a -3db down point of 45Hz. This version is called the X-SLS Encore. This version is also a good choice because speaker stands are not needed. The lower section of the cabinet can also be sand filled for added stability..

Additional upgrades for the X-LS include a Sonicap upgrade. The Sonicaps increase clarity across the board and improve resolution levels.

The X-LS can also be improved by upgrading the binding post cups to the Electra Cable tube connectors. The tube connectors are the highest quality connectors currently on the market. They offer improved clarity across the board and are extremely easy to install. The tube connector upgrade is $55.

Additional information

Weight 75 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 24 × 18 in

Cherry, Duratex, Mahogany, Maple, Oak, Walnut

Capacitor Upgrade

Stock Caps, Sonicaps +$249

Connector upgrade

Stock binding posts, Tube Connectors +$55

Port placement

Rear port, Front port


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