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We now offer a “Half set”​ for a single or center-channel speaker.
(One Red, One White & 2 male connectors)

The Electra Tube Connectors and Studs are sold in a set of four and can be purchased from any Electra Cable dealer. Suggested retail price for a set is $59.00. And that price is much less than the price of most of the better binding posts that are no where near as good as this new solution.

Installation & assembly instructions: AudioCircle thread

The mounting hole for the female end is 7/16 inch (11mm) diameter to ensure a snug fit, glue is optional.

Additional sets of tube connectors are sold at a discount. A second set is $50 and so on.

Need more than 10 sets? Contact us!

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​The Tube Connector is a binding post replacement that solves all of the problems associated with traditional binding posts.

​In the world of high end audio where high quality speaker cables and internal wires are used, the last thing you want in the signal path is a large metal bolt for the signal to have to pass through. And running speaker cables through a hole in the back of the speaker and directly to the crossover or driver is not practical as no one wants a permanent and non-removable speaker cable hanging out of the back of their speakers.

The Electra Tube Connector is a low mass high quality Copper tube that will allow the conductive element of the speaker cable (the wire itself) to be within .045" to the tip of the internal speaker wire. The Male portion consists of a hollow stud that allows the speaker cable to be inserted all the way to the tip.

The tube connector is essentially a hollow Copper tube. It has a Copper collar around it that locks it into its outer shell. There is a laser cut slit in it that runs the length of it and one diagonal laser cut slit near the collar that allows the Copper tube to flex and open up as the stud is inserted.

In the cutaway view we can see that the tube connector is surrounded with a flexible layer of high temperature Silicone. It is then surrounded with a hard polymer outer casing. The flexible Silicone layer allows the internal Copper tube to increase in diameter with the insertion of the stud while keeping constant tension on it to provide for a tight and secure connection. And unlike the flexible pleats in a typical banana plug, the Electra Tube Connector never loses tension.

In this mounted view (below) we can see how this new patent pending design allows a very small .045" of distance between the external speaker cable and the internal speaker wire.

Installing is also super easy and can be done in a fraction of the amount of time that it takes to install any other available binding posts.

The mounting hole for the female end is 7/16 inch (11mm) diameter to ensure a snug fit, glue is optional.

The Electra Tube Connector solves a long list of problems associated with traditional binding posts.

  1. A binding post inserts a large metal mass into the signal path. The Electra Tube Connector does not.
  2. Binding posts do not allow for an internal crimped connection. The Electra Tube Connector does.
  3. Binding post are extremely hard to solder to as they are like soldering to a heat sink. So often soldered connections fail due to poor solder joints. The low mass Electra Tube Connector is easy to solder to and because of the crimped connection the solder is only used to seal the connection.
  4. Binding posts have to be used in a given length depending on the depth of the cabinet material and nearly all binding posts can only be used in up to a 3/4" thick material. The Electra Tube Connector can be used in any enclosure thickness even in super thick enclosures.
  5. Binding posts require access to the inside of the enclosure for mounting. The Electra Tube Connector does not.
  6. Many loudspeakers have limited or no access internally to the binding posts making it nearly impossible to get any tool into the inside of the cabinet to tighten them up. For this reason many speakers have to be designed with a removable panel to allow access to the back side of the binding post. With the Electra Tube Connector, none of this is necessary.
  7. It can be difficult to seal the internal connections with heat shrink with some binding post. With the Electra Tube Connector it is easy to apply heat shrink prior to inserting it.
  8. Another problem with some binding post is the difficulty in getting the internal nut started onto the threads of the binding post because a spec of solder got on a thread while soldering to it or the heat shrink did not shrink down far enough to get the nut over it. With the Electra Tube Connector none of these problems can exist by design.

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