Klipsch RP-8000F Upgrade (Pair)

$560.00 Pair

The price of Sonicaps have just gone up and it caused a slight increase in the cost of this upgrade. Don’t miss the video we shot on this one showing the before and after responses and to see all that comes in this kit.

RP-280F Compatibility:
While we have not verified that this kit is 100% compatible with the 280F, we have had several customer’s build this kit with positive results.
-Both models use the same crossover, woofer and cabinet. Only known difference is the tweeter.

RP-8000F V2 Compatibility:
This kit is NOT compatible with the RP-8000F V2. Changes were made to the woofers, waveguide and cabinet which are not accounted for in this kit.
We will need to have one sent in to design a new network for it.