Magnepan LRS Upgrade Kit (Pair)

$322.00 Pair

The price is per pair! The price of Sonicaps have just gone up and it caused a slight increase in the cost of this upgrade. ​This kit includes everything you need to correct a number of issues and take this speaker to another level across the board. Please see the videos and measurements in the accordion below. The kit includes all new parts, a set of tube connectors and new wiring.

Magnepan LRS “Plus” Compatibility:
We do no know if this kit is compatible with the new Magnepan LRS+ model.
We don’t know what changes have been made to the new model.
One will need to be sent to us for evaluation before we can advise on compatibility.

Upgrade Kit Measurements

Take a look at the before and after measurements. With the modification kit, there is no question that you will not only end up with a subjectively better sounding speaker, but the measurements back it up as well!

Frequency Response Before

Spectral Decay Before
Impedance Sweep Before

Frequency Response After

Spectral Decay After
Impedance Sweep After