“Old School” Bully Kit (Pair)


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The Brute’s “big brother” is even bigger, badder and he’s not holding back!

The Bully brings both high efficiency and 12″ servo subwoofers to the fight, offering detailed and impactful bass with extension flat to 20Hz
This make them easy to drive even with low-powered tube amplifiers, plus the Subwoofer’s PEQ function and extension filters give you full control over the bass response.

We recommend 2 sheets of NoRez for this model.

Frequency range: 20Hz-17KHz with subs. (200Hz-17KHz MTM section only)
Efficiency: 94dB @ 1W/1M
Impedance: 6 ohms (4.3 minimum)
Height: 33″ 5/8
Depth: 14″
Width: 14″

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Subwoofer Jumpers: Includes an extra set of tube connectors, extra wire, and 4 banana connectors to connect the sub’s high-level inputs directly from the speaker inputs. ( See pictures)

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The next step in our "Old School" series speakers, the Bully is bigger in every way, offering an "Old school" look but with a well-braced cabinet and high quality components through out.

The treble and mids are handled by the same drivers as our X-CS Bravo kit, offering excellent clarity and off-axis performance, with a 94dB sensitivity and 6 ohm impedance, making them very easy to drive. The bottom woofer is the same as our sealed servo sub kits, using a 12" servo-controlled subwoofer, offering bass extension flat to 20Hz. It is controlled by the Rythmik A370 PEQ amplifier, offering full control over the bottom end.

We recommend keeping the Tweeter & Mid Woofers on the "inside" when placing them in your room for better center imaging and depth..

We also offer 20" Classic stands for this model.

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 13 in
Subwoofer Jumper set

None, Include $75

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