X-MTM Encore Kit (Pair)

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The X-MTM model is the larger ported, floor standing version of the X-CS Encore center channel.

Designed for large rooms with extension down into the mid-30s in most rooms, making it well suited to both music and home theater applications.

Efficiency: 90db (1W/1M)
Frequency range: 35Hz-20KHz
Impedance: 8 ohm (minimum 5.3ohm @3Khz)

We recommend 3 sheets of NoRez for this model. (not included)

Need a flatpack?
X-MTM Flatpack


Need a flatpack?

GR-Research and Denton Woodworkers have teamed up to offer flatpack’s, assembled and finished cabinets for a number of our DIY kits. All flatpack’s are CNC’ed for precise fittings which makes the project much easier.

The X-MTM model is the larger ported, floor standing version of the X-CS Encore. The larger ported box allows for a -3db of 35-40Hz. This one is also an easy to drive 8 ohm load and has 90db sensitivity.

Additional information

Weight 24 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 13 in
Capacitor Upgrade

Stock Capacitors, Sonicap Upgrade ($287)

Connector Upgrade

Tube Connectors ($55), Standard Binding Post Cup

Cabinet Plans

2 reviews for X-MTM Encore Kit (Pair)

  1. Parker Allen (verified owner)

    First impression, these speakers are awesome! I’ve compared them to the bowers and Wilkins 702 S2 and the audio quality on the X-MTM is far superior. I’ve never built a speaker before and I had no issues whatsoever, also Danny and his staff are very responsive and helpful. I would highly recommend these speakers!

  2. David Klees (verified owner)

    My first build ever. GR-research was exceptionally helpful throughout the process answering questions and offering advice. With the X-MTM Encore design, Danny and GR have done their homework. X MTMs are very balanced, have a flat response and excellent off-axis response. Very pleasing to be able to move about and still enjoy excellent reproduction. I sold my Klipsh RF-82s immediately after completing them.

    The level of detail is truly amazing and accurate timing brings clarity to all instruments & vocals. Does female and male vocals equally well. You will be impressed. A very polite speaker, never harsh. Zero fatigue, even after hours of listening. Drawbacks are slight: The very low bass with the 6 1/2 woofers could be supplemented with a sub. Not felt like a pair of JBL or Klipsh.

    They will reach down to around 40 hZ depending on room size and placement, but I wish they had a little more for rock/blues. The bass is not muddled or mishandled by no means but they are a little power hungry if you are used to 91-94 dB speakers. They do come alive around 40 watts but I would recommend at least 40 as a minimum. I am hoping that Danny will design an 8″ MTM design someday soon. The X-MTMs are a unbeatable value for what they deliver vs what they cost. I opted for the tube connectors and the base capacitors for this build and I used plywood for the build double up for 1 1/4″ thickness. I would recommend the flat pack if I was to do this again.

    Overall, at this price level, one of the best designs I’ve heard for balance and detail. You won’t hear something out of place or over emphasized with the X-MTMs. I don’t know how to convey the level of detail these can bring about but you will notice it immediately, even if you have listened to your favorite tracks hundreds of times.

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