X-Voce Center Kit (Single)


Notice: Gen 3 Sonicap bypass caps are currently being swapped for Miflex copper foil bypass caps.

The kit comes with a fully assembled crossover using very high quality components. It also comes with high purity Copper wire in polyethylene. And it includes the solder, screws, heat shrink and cabinet plans. It includes everything but the cabinets. This is not a difficult kit to build and is on the beginner/novice level.

We recommend 1 sheet of NoRez for this model. (not included)

Cabinet Plans

Need a flatpack?
X-Voce flatpack

Need a flatpack?

GR-Research and Denton Woodworkers have teamed up to offer flatpack’s, assembled and finished cabinets for a number of our DIY kits. All flatpack’s are CNC’ed for precise fittings which makes the project much easier.

The X-Voce speaker is another model that was designed for AV123. It is the matching center channel to the very popular X-Statik speakers. And the X-Voce is now available in kit form.

The X-Voce uses the highly acclaimed T26SG tweeter with four of the M-165/16 woofers. The two inside woofers are used as mid-bass drivers are are in an open baffle center section. The two outer woofers are true woofers and are in sealed boxes.

The X-Voce combines a smooth and transparent mid-range with high sensitivity (91db) and dynamics. It is an ideal center channel speaker for medium to large sized rooms. And the stable 8 ohm impedance makes it an easy load to drive for any receiver or amplifier.

The Sonicap upgrade improves clarity and detail.

The X-Voce can also be improved by upgrading the binding post cups to the Electra Cable Tube Connectors. The tube connectors are the highest quality connectors currently on the market. They offer improved clarity across the board and are extremely easy to install. The tube connector upgrade is $25.

Cabinet Plans

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 10 × 10 in
Capacitor Upgrades

Stock Capacitors, Sonicaps ($117), Sonicaps with Miflex copper bypass ($169)

Connector Upgrade

Tube Connectors, Standard Binding Post Cup


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